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The most unique gift you will ever have the opportunity to give.

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Coin rings are a very unique and wonderful gift to give. They are great for any occasion including birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, graduation, weddings or just for the heck of it. Coin rings are also great gifts for coin collectors. It would be one of the most interesting pieces in any coin collection.


If you find yourself struggling to buy the perfect gift for someone or if you are buying for a “hard to buy for person” look no further. These rings make a great addition to anyone’s jewelry or coin collection. The possibilities are endless as any half of quarter dollar made before 1965 can be turned into a nice silver ring. If you have a special date or coin type just contact me and let me know and i will acquire the coin and custom make your ring. Or you can send me your coin and I will turn it into a ring.



Half Dollars and quarter dollars made before 1965 were made of 90% silver with the remaining content made of a copper metal alloy. Working with this silver content makes the coins more malleable and easy to work with. Although the copper rich coins made after 1964 can be made into a ring, they just don’t bend as well and they aren’t as pretty as the silver rings.


Please take a look at the following pages. These rings are samples of what yours will look like. All rings are custom made by date, coin type and size. Just let me know what you want.


If you are a coin shop, jewelry store or mom and pop botique these coin rings would be great sellers in your store. They pretty much sell themselves. Please contact me for volume discount information.

Morgan Silver Dollar ring


10-Dollar Gold Piece Ring- 22karats


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Silver and Gold Coin Rings Custom Made